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10 January 2019 

Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Man who has Everything!

Fabulous Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Man who has Everything!

If you have run out of ideas about gifts for men, and are looking for some new and inspired Father's Day Gift Ideas, we have just the thing. (Or things.)

At Recycled Mats, we strongly believe in buying 'experiences' over 'unnecessary things', and try to make sure that whatever we do purchase will encourage active participation in life, as well as movement!

Father's Day Gift Ideas in 2019?  Less Stuff. More Experiences! 

Less socks, underwear, and aftershave, but MORE sports equipment, books to read, tickets, and memberships. Aren't these great Father's Day Gift ideas already?

For those of us mums who want to join in the fun with the daddies/father's, the perfect gift is something the whole family can use on a picnic, boat outing, hike, or day trip.

If it's made from sustainable materials, and can be used over and over again, it's a double bonus.

Nu - Recycled Mats. Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019

Introducing Nu, O's Dad (and JJ's husband!)

JJ and her husband Nu discovered the perfect Father's Day Gift after their son was born. Keen adventurers, and explorers, their new addition to the family meant they had to think a little differently and change things up a bit when heading out and about.

One thing they came to rely upon was an easy-to-clean washable picnic rug/mat.

This recycled mat was the perfect picnic rug, as well as a insect-free space for little O. to crawl about without getting too dirty.

They've used these recycled mats as floor coverings beside sandy riverbeds, as overhead shelter and shade on very hot days, and to cushion the inside of their pop-up tent.

Good Gifts for Dad by Nu!

O. is now five, so we thought we'd ask Nu for an update about his ideas for good gifts for Dad.

Recycled Mats Father's Day Gift Ideas 2019 - Picnic day out via boat

Nu, can you tell us your three favourite gift ideas for men in time for Father's Day 2019?

Fathers Day 2019 - Gift Idea Number 1

In our family, we love nothing more than taking the boat out for the day, and catching a fish or two. We search for our own bit of paradise and pull up the boat for a packed picnic lunch complete with an assortment of seafood, gourmet cheese and wine of course. If we are super lucky, O. will still lie down for an afternoon kip after a big morning of water play, and we'll join him! That's why we never leave home without one of our recycled plastic picnic mats.

There are so many designs, shapes and styles to choose from, and they are the perfect soft surface to rest upon. I love that you can shake or wash the sand free before we get back in boat - one less job for me! The mats are easy to fold up too, and we often sit or lean on them for a bit of cushioning when the water is choppier than usual.

Father's Day gift ideas - Summer picnic table

Fathers Day 2019 - Gift Idea Number 2

We've learned over the last few years since becoming parents that it's wise to have a little raised table at our picnics. This prevents little busy feet from accidentally dropping or kicking sand onto the food platter when we call lunchtime!

If the picnic table can hold our wine glasses and keep them out of harm's way, it's even better. Whilst Recycled Mats no longer stock the design above, our popular Aussie made 'Pine' picnic table can also hold four glasses and a bottle of wine or champagne. It's big enough to invite your friends along to join in the fun too!

Father's Day gift ideas 2018 - garrima cushion

Fathers Day 2019 - Gift Idea Number 3

Top of the list of my favourite Father's Day gift ideas would one of the super comfortable beanbags or giant cushions. They're big enough for an adult on their own, but we put three or four together to make a day bed mattress to watch the sun set. The Aboriginal designs on many of the beanbags is is an added bonus.

More Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2019

Thank you Nu! We are sure there are other dads out there who will be taking your cue and heading out for a day of boating, fishing, and eating. So there you have it, a whole bunch of Father's Day Gift Ideas you can find at Recycled Mats. Check the website for 10's of other fun ideas too!