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22 October 2018 

What is an Outdoor Rug

What is an Outdoor Rug?

Sustainable Recycled Plastic Outdoor Rugs

What is an Outdoor Rug, you ask? 

An Outdoor Rug is a portable floor covering you can use on picnics, for group gatherings at sports events, and at the beach.

It's light and durable enough to carry it on bushwalks and to playgroup, yet strong and durable.  An outdoor rug made from Recycled Plastic is a comfy and soft alternative to a cotton or jute rug you would normally borrow from indoors.

We've modernised traditional Siapo mats from Samoa and they are simply the best.

Take a look at the range of Outdoor Mats featuring Contemporary Designs.

Take a look at the range here of Outdoor Rugs featuring Aboriginal Designs.

Check out our range of Picnic Mats & Beach Mats

All Weather Outdoor Rug Range

Our outdoor rug range of mats are purpose-made to be used in all weather.

Unlike a rug made from cotton or jute,  an outdoor rug made from recycled polypropylene plastic won't go mouldy, or rot, or become as heavy as an elephant if it gets wet. The dye won't run, and your clothes won't get stained.  Shake the droplets away, rub it down with a dry cloth, and your outdoor rug is as good as new.

You don't have to worry and fret about your rug being left outside during an unexpected downpour - a recycled plastic rug quickly dries off with no after-effects.

What is an outdoor rug? Mat for beach camping.

Outdoor Rugs inspired by traditional Siapo Mats

Did you know the creation of our outdoor rug range was inspired by traditional Siapo mats? Originally found throughout the South Pacific, Siapo mats are made from a tissue-like cloth from the bark of the mulberry tree.

At Recycled Mats, we wanted to take the idea of a "traditional authentic woven mat" and bring it into the contemporary world by fusing two new concepts with the original.

  • 1. Making outdoor rugs from a repurposed and upcycled plastic material.
  • 2. Inviting local Indigenous artists to join the design process, and share their unique cultural stories through the use of intricate motifs and forms.

These key concepts ensure the mats in our outdoor rug range contribute to the wellbeing of our planet, creating a cleaner, safer environment for us all.

The Aboriginal Design outdoor rugs also help us to break down the cultural barriers we may face in Australia, helping us become better at understanding each other's culture, community values, and heritage.

Siapo-inspired Floor Mat Design

Recycled plastic outdoor mats mirror the original grid of squares design found in Siapo mats, a common feature of mats handmade in the South Pacific and Australasian regions.

The process of weaving recycled plastic floor rugs ensures mats are reversible, giving you two different colour combinations on each outdoor rug. (Flip the rug to see both combinations.)

What is an outdoor rug? Can you use it indoors?

Floor coverings you can use both inside and out.

Our outdoor rugs are also spill and stain-resistant, can stand a higher level of wear and tear, are child-friendly, and do not begin to rot like cotton, jute or bark after being wet.

These modern-day recycled plastic floor mats boast a much longer shelf life than original Siapo mats, plus way more versatility. They are super easy clean too.

Simply shake the floor mat before you put it away, or for tougher stains, wash it down with a gentle hose and a soft broom. There’s no need for harsh chemicals or store-bought cleaning products. Another win for the environment! Check out our blog on how to care for your Recycled Mat simply couldn't be easier!

Our recycled plastic indoor-outdoor rugs are unique floor coverings with so many uses.

Here's a list of more ways to use outdoor carpet rugs:

  • use as floor mats under shade structures at fetes and festivals. Our 3 x 3m size is perfect for gazebos.
  • place in front of tents and caravans at campgrounds
  • seating for picnic lunches at rivers and beaches
  • use as seating for workshops
  • perfect for groups in childcare and preschool settings
  • place on outdoor decks and patios
  • sit them under breakfast stools at a breakfast bar 

What is an Outdoor mat? Cover stains with plastic mat.

Stylish Indoor Outdoor Rugs.

These floor coverings are increasingly being seen inside the home too, as stylish floor coverings in children's bedrooms, on decks, and in dining rooms. These floor mats are perfect seasonal home decorations, and hide ugly stains on carpet too. 

If you love colour, creativity, and to make a statement, then our recycled plastic outdoor rugs are the perfect accompaniment to your lifestyle. You'll no longer be asking 'What is a Outdoor Rug?" Instead, you'll be showing your friends!

Purchase one for your own home and family today, by visiting Recycled Mats.