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23 March 2022 

Easy care outdoor mats that STOP dirt, mud and sand mess!

Easy care outdoor mats that STOP dirt, mud and sand mess!

Recycled Plastic Mats Make Excellent Outdoor Mats

Our recycled plastic outdoor mats are not only a practical addition to any garden or camp setting, they look great too! Hardwearing yet soft and comfortable to sit or walk on, they’re ideal for use as picnic mat, on the beach, outside the caravan, as a playmat at kindy, or on the sidelines at your local footy match. Whether it’s a casual day out or a glamped up weekend with friends, an outdoor mat is the perfect adventure companion…and simply, the BEST way to keep sand and dirt where it belongs!

You’ll find our outdoor mats at schools and childcare centres across the country, multi-tasking as craft mats, yarning mats, designated play and dining nooks, reading and relaxation corners. Their unique composition means they’re both sturdy and super easy to keep clean and tidy. Simply shake, sweep or hose off, lying flat or hanging in the shade to dry.

Made from UV-treated polypropylene to ensure protection from the harsh Australian sun, these recycled plastic outdoor mats are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and mould-resistant, making them a healthy and safe alternative to many other non-sustainable mats. And unlike cotton or jute mats, they won’t retain moisture, get that damp smelly odour or worse still, harbour pests and attract vermin.

There’s no need for harsh chemicals or store-bought cleaning products either - another win for the environment. Check out our blog on how to care for your Recycled Mat simply couldn't be easier!


(pictured: Tutti Frutti 3x3m)


Outdoor Rugs inspired by traditional Siapo Mats

Did you know the creation of our outdoor mat range was inspired by traditional Siapo mats? Originally found throughout the South Pacific, Siapo mats are made from a tissue-like cloth from the bark of the mulberry tree.

At Recycled Mats, we wanted to take the idea of a "traditional authentic woven mat" and bring it into the contemporary world by fusing two new concepts with the original.

  • Making outdoor mats from a repurposed and upcycled plastic material, and
  • Inviting local Indigenous artists to join the design process, and share their unique cultural stories through the use of intricate motifs and symbols.

These key concepts ensure the mats in our outdoor mat range contribute to the wellbeing of our planet, creating a cleaner, safer and more harmonious environment for us all.


 (pictured: Ningaloo 1.8 x 2.7m)


Indigenous Designs

Recycled Mats has a range of large outdoor mats featuring Indigenous designs that have been commissioned by local artists. These fabulous Aboriginal mats come in a range of sizes and styles, showcasing authentic designs that tell stories unique to each artist and their culture.

As legitimate Indigenous artworks, every design is culturally appropriate for viewing by the wider public and approved for walking or sitting on. Our recycled outdoor mats make fantastic multicultural resources for classrooms by encouraging young people to explore the diverse shapes and images of Aboriginal art and the stories of indigenous Australians. Mix and match designs to create bright, multicultural diversity in your school, childcare centre, library or home.

Likewise, our Maori and NZ designs have been created by the artists to reflect family life and the rich heritage specific to the region. All artists are paid 10% royalties on each item sold that uses their work, and we promote them as individuals as well as the messages they wish to share via their designs.

We are proud to support and promote Australian and New Zealand artists. Each one of them is highly respected and valued as a collaborator, plus they're competitively remunerated via fair and transparent agreements. 

It is our hope that the diverse collection of cultural outdoor mats we offer may also help to overcome some of the racial barriers we face in Australia, inspiring us to become better at understanding each other, and our respective community values and traditions.


Responsive image

(pictured: Witchetty Grub 2.7m)

Floor coverings you can use both inside and out

Being made from recycled plastic, our outdoor mats are spill and stain-resistant so can withstand a high level of wear and tear. They’re increasingly being seen inside the home as stylish floor coverings in children's bedrooms, on decks, and in dining rooms. These floor mats can make the perfect seasonal home decoration, and hide ugly stains on carpet too!

The process of weaving our outdoor plastic mats also ensures that they’re reversible, giving you two different “looks” for the price of one. Just flip it over to show the other dominant colour on the upside and instantly change the aesthetic in your indoor or outside space!

And choose from a large range of colours, shapes and sizes. From bold splashes of colour and geometric patterning to subtle hues in earthy tones and retro floral motifs, there is an outdoor (indoor) mat for every space, and every occasion.


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(pictured: Moroccan 1.8 x 2.7m)

Making Life on the Road that much Easier

If camping, touring and just general outdoor adventuring is your thing, there’s no simpler way to making it fuss-free and memorable than having the right gear! You can literally set the foundation for your trip – whether it be one day or one year – with one of our recycled plastic outdoor mats. Visually pleasing, yet tough, mats can bring a sense of fun and peace to your outdoor experience and extend the good vibes from the inside out, or the outside in!

Specifically designed for camping in mind, our range of annex mats is the place to start for getting kitted out. Eyelets for tie-down purposes are included as well as a strong, recycled poly carry bag which won’t just house your mat - it also has a handy, lined side-pocket for stashing keys, sunscreen, stubbie holders, maybe even a cold drink or two!

Check out our Caravan Mat blog for more info and if you’re wondering what sized mat is right for you, please go here.

Whatever your outdoor mat needs are, Recycled Mats offers Australia's largest and most highly sought-after range....visit our website today to get your next adventure off to the right start! 


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(pictured: Camping Kangaroo 2.4 x 5m)