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1 December 2021 

Caravan & Camping Mats - We couldn't live without them!

Caravan & Camping Mats - We couldn't live without them!

Here at Recycled Mats, we’re BIG fans of the outdoors and what better way to enjoy it than getting out there with one (or two) of our hugely popular caravan mats!

Since 2009, we’ve been supplying the Aussie market with an ever-growing range of recycled plastic outdoor rugs that have adorned campsites from Nowra to Ningaloo, Cooktown to Coffin Bay, and just about everywhere in between!



Featuring either contemporary designs or authentic Indigenous art, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting your new annex matting. From bold splashes of colour to subdued tones in geometric patterning, we’re sure to have a caravan mat to suit any outdoor setting or occasion.


Bringing both comfort and style to your campsite is as simple as adding an outdoor mat. Made from recycled plastics, they’re lightweight yet sturdy and super easy to keep clean making them the perfect outdoor floor covering. 

Whether you’ve parked up for the night, or the week, a caravan mat helps to keep the dirt, dust and grime outside where it belongs. And not only do they look fabulous, they also provide instant extra seating space for the kids, the grandkids and friends.

Be warned, our plastic camping mats can attract a crowd and inspire all sorts of stories and fun times! Ideal for entertaining, dining, playtime or just a quiet moment in a camp chair, they’re the ultimate multi-tasking, all-purpose camp companion.




Made from strong recycled polypropylene, you can take comfort knowing that your new camping mat is not only functional and stylish, it’s also good for the environment. With the help of our fellow Aussies, we’ve repurposed thousands and thousands of kgs of plastic waste, saving it from landfill and our oceans!

Waterproof and mould resistant, our caravan mats can simply be given a shake, swept or brushed off. If muck has wedged within the weave, just hose down and brush with a soft broom.

And on that subject, the weave of our outdoor mats is tight enough to provide protection from sharp sticks and stones but will let fine sand and water make its way through. It’ll also allow for air circulation preserving the ground underneath. For more info, check out our blog post on how to care for your recycled caravan mat.

Tie-down eyelets are included with our 4, 5, 6 & 7m mats (they come as an option on the smaller ones) meaning you can secure them in place during windy conditions or when not anchored down with other camp furniture.

And when it comes time to head home, before popping your caravan mat into the carry bag, we recommend folding it along the same fold lines that it arrived with. You can see video instructions here 




What we call our small annex mats, really aren’t that small! In fact, they’re a very generous 2.4 x 4m and are ideal for 15-18ft vans. These mats come with 4 eyelets and a strong, recycled polyester carry bag included. They also make great beach mats and at only 4.5kg, they’re easy to throw in the boot of the car for a family day out.

If your van is 18-21ft in length, you’d be looking at one of our medium, 2.4 x 5m camping mats, with a weight of ± 6kg. These ones also come with eyelets (6) and a sturdy, recycled carry bag included. Large enough for the whole family and in a fabulous choice of designs and colour options, the only difficulty you’ll have is deciding on which one!



We’d suggest one of our large caravan mats if your setup is 21-23ft in length. These measure up at 2.4 x 6m and weigh ± 7kg. You could also use a 5m mat, it really comes down to how you like your outdoor space to look and be arranged.



You asked and we delivered! Inspired by our many customers who are after a caravan mat just that little bit longer, we've added a new mat to the range. Not only ideal for 23+ft vans and motorhomes, it’s also suitable for large covered deck areas or expansive poolside cabanas. Weighing in at ± 7.9kg, this extra-large caravan mat is a whopping 2.4 x 7m! and comes with 6 eyelets and a strong carry bag included.

For other camp settings, we have a great choice of smaller mats that are perfect for more compact vans, camper trailers, swags and tents. From 3 x 3m to 1.8 x 2.7m, 1.8 x 1.8m right down to 0.9 x 1.8m, we have a camping mat for every outdoor adventure!

For further info about which mat size to choose for your next camping adventure please go here


Our caravan mats literally create the foundation upon which you get to build the ideal space for family and friends so you can get the most out of spending time in nature.

Whether it be to relax, kick back, de-stress and gaze at the horizon or a time to engage, swap stories, play with the kids or entertain and party, nothing sets the stage more quickly and easily than the right camping floor mat. And not only that, our mats are affordable and if properly cared for, will bring you years of comfort and memory-making joy!

Throw in some Aussie-made, recycled polyester cushions and you’re well on the way to creating an outdoor setup that you won’t want to leave. We also stock a lovely range of picnic accessories that includes cheeseboards, picnic tables, wine and beer coolers, bug repellents, mozzie coil holders and cooler bags.



And if that’s not enough, if your outdoor adventure involves sun and water - and let’s face it, when doesn’t it?! – look no further than our gorgeous, locally designed range of sand-free beach towels and mats (also made from recycled plastic waste) and our funky, fringed vintage beach umbrellas.



When the sun sets on that blissful day spent in nature, you can settle into an evening under the stars, sharing laughter and stories around one of our portable, steel firepits. Providing light and warmth, as well as heat for cooking, a fire pit really is a must for any night-time adventure outdoors. And not only do they pack flat, they’re a cinch to transport, set up and clean.



Quality time spent with loved ones is priceless. And what better way to do that than when surrounded by the beauty of the great Australian landscape.

Our recycled plastic caravan mats will do all the hard work for you, leaving you to focus on what’s most important: the making of memories to cherish forever.