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26 July 2023 

Eco-Fun Explorers: 15 Exciting Ways Kids Can Save the Planet!

Eco-Fun Explorers: 15 Exciting Ways Kids Can Save the Planet!

Hey there, kids! 

Are you ready to have some eco-friendly fun and save the planet? I've got a bunch of exciting ideas for you and your friends to try out. Let's jump right in!



Magical Recycling Wizards: Turn recycling into a fun game! Gather different bins for paper, plastic, and glass. Pretend you're wizards sorting out magical ingredients to save the enchanted forest.


And take it one step further and bring in your bottle lids to us here at RM and we will show you what we can turn them into, learn more on our Circular Economy Page or Recycling Page



Trash to Treasure Art: Get creative with old newspapers, cardboard boxes, and bottle caps! Make amazing art projects like robots, castles, and funky masks. Your imagination is the limit!


Nature Scavenger Hunt: Head outside and explore the wonders of nature. Create a list of things to find, like pinecones, interesting rocks, or leaves of different shapes and colours.



Plant Pals: Let's grow a mini-garden! Choose some easy-to-care-for plants or herbs and take care of them like they're your green pals.


Energy Detectives: Uncover the sneaky energy vampires in your home! Hunt for devices that consume electricity even when turned off. Let's save power together!


Water Heroes: Conserve water whenever possible. Challenge your family to see who can take the shortest shower or turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.



Bike Brigade: Pedal power rocks! Organize a bike parade with your friends to show how bikes are not only fun but also good for the environment.


Animal Advocates: Learn about endangered species and how we can help them. You can raise awareness and funds to support organizations working to protect these animals.



Upcycling Adventures: Rescue old clothes and toys from being thrown away. With a little creativity, you can transform them into exciting new treasures! And check out our range of Chindi Rugs all made from offcuts from the manufacturing industry


Earth Hour Party: Host a lights-off party! Gather with friends or family during Earth Hour and tell stories, play games, or stargaze. It's a blast!



Composting Comrades: Turn kitchen scraps into plant food! Start a compost bin in your backyard and see how it magically transforms into rich soil.


Ocean Guardians: If you live near the beach, organize a cleanup day with your friends. Protect marine life by collecting litter along the shore. And check out our awesome collab project with Plastic Oceans Australia.



Wildlife Watchers: Grab some binoculars and identify birds and other creatures in your neighbourhood. You can keep a journal of your exciting discoveries! Ohhh pop over to look at our Stella Animal Print mats here too!


Green Lunch Challenge: Pack an eco-friendly lunch with reusable containers and bottles. Say goodbye to single-use plastics!


Storytime for Earth: Write and illustrate your own eco-friendly adventure story. Share it with friends and family to inspire them to protect our planet too. Now you know the place to have story-times about eco-friendly adventures is on your very own eco-friendly Recycled Mat - check out our picnic mat range.




Remember, every small eco-friendly action you take makes a BIG difference in helping our planet. So let's team up and have a blast while saving the Earth!


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