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Eco Mats - Choose Sustainable Decor For A Brighter Future

Eco Mats - Choose Sustainable Decor For A Brighter Future

Complete Your Sustainable Decor With These Eco-Friendly Show Stoppers!

Every choice we make in our lives can have a direct impact on the environment we live in and the planet we call home. But is there a way to enjoy gorgeous decor in our homes without contributing further to environmental damage? Read on to find out.

(Recycled Mat featured above is called 'Palm Springs'. See our full range of outdoor/indoor recycled plastic mats here).  


Why is sustainability so important? 

The idea of sustainable living has taken off in recent years - and for very good reason. It’s more important than ever for all of us to work towards finding better ways to make greener and cleaner choices for our homes, schools, workplaces and ecosystems. By making smarter, environmentally sound choices, we can help to protect our own quality of life and protect the health of the environment as well. This includes things like recycling, reducing waste, and re-purposing as much as possible. It also means reviewing purchasing habits, incorporating sustainable decor into our interior design plans and supporting businesses that also support sustainability.


How to introduce sustainable living into your home

Recycled Mats offers a wide selection of sustainable indoor rugs, outdoor eco mats and sustainable homewares suitable for home, school, and the office. If you're looking for ways to incorporate sustainable living within your own household, recycling, reducing water & energy consumption, using chemical-free cleaning products, and growing your own food are common places to start. However, you can also make a big impact by incorporating sustainable homewares into your house as well. Sustainable pieces are often longer-lasting, higher quality and safer for your family. 

For your bedrooms and living spaces, an ethically made, eco-friendly indoor rug could be just what you need to inject an element of sustainable decor into your home. Natural fibres and textures always have a way of organically adding an element of luxury into a room and naturally aid in offering warmth in the winter, but also stay cool on your toes in the heat of the summer. Natural fibre rugs are also very durable so will work well in play spaces or high traffic areas.  If you have a home gym or yoga studio that needs a facelift, Recycled Mats has high quality, sustainable yoga mats made from earth-friendly materials such as cork, hemp and eco-rubber. These luxurious mats are available in such beautiful prints that there's no need to roll these ones up and hide them in a corner after your work-out - you'll be proud to show them off!

Another way to go-green at home is to purchase versatile items that have multiple uses. This means that you will inevitably reduce your waste and carbon footprint. 

For sustainable decor in your garden or on-the-go, create the perfect picnic spot with a gorgeous portable picnic table. Aside from looking fabulous, they are easy to clean & lightweight. Pair with one of our recycled plastic eco mats, beach mats or picnic mats, food from your own garden, and reusable plates & cutlery, and you’ll be good to go.

Recycled Mat featured below is 'Wilderness'. You can view our current extra large 6m mats here.


How can schools and workplaces practise sustainability?

With children spending so many hours a day in the classroom, and employees spending even more time at work, a sustainable work or learning environment not only results in healthier students and employees, but can have a big impact on the environment as well. As people become more aware of how their choices can affect the environment, the more they will take sustainability into account on a daily basis. Simple initiatives like eliminating single use plastics and using eco-friendly paper products are usually easy first steps to creating a more sustainable culture. Sustainability can be wonderful when it comes to attracting new talent as well. Just as many parents are factoring in green initiatives when choosing schools for their children, workplaces that prioritize sustainability will often be seen as more forward thinking and attract like-minded employees. As younger generations are being taught about environmental concerns at an early age, they will be seeking out businesses that have the planet’s best interests in mind.

Schools and businesses can also incorporate sustainable decor through choosing longer lasting furniture and accessories made from sustainable materials. For example, these Chindi rugs are perfect in primary schools for reading groups or story time while students are sitting on the floor. Made from fabric offcuts that otherwise would have been destined for a landfill, they provide soft, cosy cushioning and maintain a comfortable temperature in Australia’s hot summers and cool winters.  For outdoor learning time, these fun, animal-themed outdoor eco mats could be just what it takes to keep children motivated (and clean) while they’re seated on the ground.

Another sustainable option for schools, offices, or at home are these beautiful eco-friendly rubber placemats/ mouse pads. Made right here in Australia from recycled car tyres, these gorgeous eco mats are non-slip, water resistant and super easy to clean, making them suitable for any school, work or home environment. The best way to incorporate sustainable practices in schools and in business environments is through education – and one of the best ways to educate is to lead by example. Giving back to your local community and supporting environmental initiatives demonstrates how important sustainable living is to a school or corporate culture. Having a common charitable goal can also help solidify a commitment to wiser environmental choices. One way Recycled Mats gives back is through their support of the 'Carbon Positive Australia' Tree Planting Project. Through this initiative, we are pledging to donate 1000 native and Indigenous seedlings each financial year.

Recycled outdoor rug featured below is called 'Matilda' and can be found in the animal themed section of our website. 


How to make sustainable purchasing decisions

Luckily, many retailers today are incorporating sustainable practices in terms of their product offerings, how they manage their supply chain, and their office environment. At Recycled Mats, we've made a commitment to sustainability through using clean energy, choosing eco-friendly packaging options, offering ethically produced products made from recycled and renewable materials, and encouraging all of our employees to incorporate a sustainable lifestyle at home as well.  
When it comes to shopping, old habits are hard to break. However, by only purchasing higher quality items that you truly love, you will be more likely to avoid trends that are here today and gone tomorrow. When shopping for sustainable homewares or clothing, look for well-constructed pieces made from natural, recycled or sustainable materials that will last for years to come. This is the best way to reduce the amount of waste and recycling that you will have down the road. It is much more environmentally friendly to opt for safe, non-toxic materials that won’t end up in a landfill within a few months. As a bonus, even though high quality products made from sustainable resources may be a little more expensive up front, they often end up being the best economical decisions in the long run.


Can small changes really make a difference?

It’s no surprise that sustainable living is the right thing to do to preserve the quality of life for both humans and the planet. Humans make hundreds of decisions every day that can have an impact on the environment - from how much water they use to get ready in the morning, to their mode of transportation throughout the day, to the food choices they make and the brands they buy. The good news is that each seemingly insignificant personal decision to make a sustainable choice adds up over time and can have a lasting impact. By educating yourself and your family about the importance of caring for the planet and the environment, modelling sustainable habits and choices for your children, and by aligning yourself with businesses and organisations that are trying to do the same, you will be playing your part in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.


View Recycled Mats' entire collection of sustainable decor, homewares and eco mats and feel good about the purchasing choices you make.