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1 November 2019 

It’s Story Time – Library Floor Mats Help Readers Learn!

It’s Story Time – Library Floor Mats Help Readers Learn!

It’s Story Time – Library Floor Mats Bring Listening Ears!

Story time is crucial for developing literacy skills in young children, and using specially designed floor mats can help engage young readers. Adding colourful, comfortable floor mats in library spaces, whether in a public library or in a school setting, helps children read the room cues. The mat becomes a designated space they come to associate with activities like story time.  This helps the child when it comes to paying attention and engaging in the session, and helps the librarian to take charge of the situation. Read on to find out more about how using floor mats and creating special story time spaces can actively encourage engagement with stories.

What are the benefits of floor mats during story time?

Engaging dozens of small children and keeping their minds focused on reading can be incredibly difficult. Children are naturally prone to fidgeting, asking questions, inventing their own games, and seeking their own pleasures, especially when you as an educator are trying to conduct a story time session. While it is important to understand that all children engage in activities differently, it’s also important to take charge of the session and remind the children that they’re there to participate and engage with the stories you’re reading. Creating a special space using floor mats is a subtle but effective way of doing this, and there are a number of benefits.

Allowing the space to foster engagement with storytelling

The use of special floor mats helps to create a story time space that subtly tells children that this is where they will put on their ‘listening hats’ and pay attention. Puzzles, toys, and other books are put away while the librarian reads and sings, and the conversation revolves around the stories and the children’s responses.  

Engaging parents and caregivers

Using floor mats creates a special place that invites parents and caregivers to actively participate in story time with their child, too. Sitting together, side by side or on laps, adds a physical closeness to the reading experience, helping engagement with the story. This is incredibly effective when fostering early literacy skills and demonstrating to the child that reading and singing are activities that are enjoyed by everyone.

Encouraging conversation

Many of the floor mats available at Recycled Mats feature Indigenous designs, which can encourage conversations about Indigenous culture, or can be used to plan themed story time sessions. There are also geometric patterns, alphabetnumber designs & a memory symbol game by Australian Aboriginal artist De Greer Yindimincarlie from the Wiradjuri Nation of Central NSW. All these encourage young minds to learn about a range of different concepts.

Safety and comfort

Paying attention while being uncomfortable is pretty much impossible. Our specially designed floor mats, mean children can sit comfortably, making focusing on a story a little easier. Wipe clean mats mean the floor space is hygienic, too, and staying at ground level is safe for everyone from crawlers to cross-legged school kids.

What else do we have with children in mind? 

We've covered all bases for our little people! If you're after something with a more cosy feel for indoors, did you know we have a beautiful range of colourful indoor Chindi Rugs to help create a vibrant, inspiring feel for story-time in any room. And whilst we've got you, have you thought about engaging your little one/s one step further and taking up Yoga together? We have a cute range of children's eco friendly yoga mats, specially designed with children in mind! Yoga is being practiced more and more in educational settings, and what a great addition our gorgeous yoga mats are to any space!

Browse Recycled Mats’ fabulous selection of beautiful children’s floor mats and create your unique library story time space today!