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12 September 2018 

Easy care outdoor mats STOP dirt, mud and sand mess!

Easy care outdoor mats STOP dirt, mud and sand mess!

Recycled Plastic Mats make excellent garden mats and general outdoor mats.

Recycled Plastic multi-purpose mats are hard-wearing, yet soft and comfortable for all ages. Outdoor camping mats , beach mats and picnic mats are perfect accompaniments on beach visits, garden picnics, at playgroup, family gatherings, camping and glamping trips, sports days, at weekend events, and when sitting on the sidelines watching the kids play Saturday cricket.

easy care outdoor mats - childcare

Childcare centres and preschools are huge fans of these outdoor mats too – outdoor mats are used for outdoor picnics and excursions, storytelling adventures, bush school/forest kindergarten lessons, and to designate areas for play such as home corner, an area for block play or a book nook for reading.

easy care outdoor mats - emu tracks

Use them indoors too!

They are also well loved as indoor and patio mats in areas of high traffic, such as the lounge or living rooms, in dining areas, in entrance hallways, and on patios and decks. Outdoor mats can be employed as affordable, stylish and clean floor coverings in place of carpet or rugs, helping to reduce dirt and reducing bugs and germs.

Easy care outdoor mats - circle

Indigenous Designs

Recycled Mats has a range of outdoor mats featuring indigenous designs that have been commissioned by local artists. These Aboriginal mats come in a range of sizes and styles, and the authentic designs have been created by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists under the guidelines set out under the Indigenous Art Code. Their Maori Designs have been created by Native New Zealanders to reflect family, culture and land. There are also have a number of mats that feature designs inspired by the Pacific Islands.

Caring for Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are made from UV-treated Polypropylene to ensure protection from the harsh Australian sun. These recycled plastic outdoor mats are non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, and mould-resistant, making them a healthy and safe alternative to many other non-sustainable mats.

The best way to care for your outdoor mats is to shake or vacuum the outdoor mat after each use, then fold it away into its’ original carry bag or roll it up. If the outdoor mat is more dirty than a dust-off can deal with, take it outside and gently hose it off, or use a combination of hard-bristled broom and a gentle hose to remove food or other dry debris. Dry the outdoor mat by hanging it on the washing line overnight.

We do not recommend leaving your outdoor mat in full sun for extended periods of time as this will shorten the life of your mat. Fold lines in our outdoor mats will lessen with each use (unless you fold it back up again to store). Speed up this process by putting the mat in a warm sunny place for 2-3 days. Recycled plastic picnic mats are designed to be sat and walked upon. When placing furniture or heavy objects on our outdoor mats, ensure that weight of the object is distributed evenly to prevent permanent indents and tearing of fibres.

Indoor Mats Use

Indoors, it can be helpful to secure the mat on slippery floors such as cork, tile or wooden floors. Using nearby furniture (such as the foot of a sofa, or a coffee table) as a weight on the edges is fine, or if you prefer, place a non-skid mat underneath.

Caring for outdoor mats - hangi

Picnics, Camping, Caravanning, Hāngi ...

Recycled Plastic outdoor mats are the bees’ knees, whether you use them outside like we do (nothing like sitting down on a mat to eat a Hangi feast straight from the ground) or take them in, and we believe you’ll love them as much as we do. Learn how to measure caravan annex matting for the PERFECT fit.

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