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19 August 2018 

Recycled Floor Mats for Kids - Try them in Imaginative Play & Home Corner Areas

Recycled Floor Mats for Kids - Try them in Imaginative Play & Home Corner Areas

Recycled Mats has a range of Floor Mats for kids of all ages.

These Recycled Mats come in a variety of colours, designs, and shapes that kids will love.

Kids play mats can be used indoors or out - as floor mats for kids play time, to create a nook for story book reading, when going on picnics and beach outings, in bedrooms as stylish culturally-inspired carpet alternatives, and in the garden, or by the pool.

They are so versatile, and easy to brush or wash down so there's no worries about spills or accidents.

Colourful Fun Floor Mats for Kids

Our favourite floor mats for kids are colourful, affordable and they tell a story about our world and these plastic woven mats by Recycled Mats fit the bill. Their Indigenous mats are designed here in Australia by Indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists

The Maori designs are created by New Zealand born Maori artists, and yet others feature logos and patterns by artists who hail from our nearest neighbouring islands in the Pacific.

floor mats for kids yarning circle

The most popular floor mats for kids are:

1. Yarning Circle

This large Yarning Circle 2.7m x 2.7m kids mat comes in Green/White or our favourite, Orange/Black by Aboriginal Mat artist, De Greer Yindimincarlie of Wiradjuri Country. The motif symbolises the coming together of community for sharing and storytelling.

floor mats for kids- lego mat

2. Water Dreaming.

The Blue/White combination on this baby floor mat is so striking, it looks good everywhere but our favourite use? To brighten up a young boy’s room over carpet in a rental home. These mats make great LEGO mats too – they are lightweight, easy to pick up, and make a great funnel to slide your LEGO pieces back into their box. It also comes in Red Wine/White for a more organic look. Plus, both these kids woven plastic mats have matching cushions!

floor mats for kids - mandala

3. Ancestoral Connectedness Floor Mats for Kids

The Purple & White mandala-themed mat is a beautiful addition to any teenage girl’s bedroom design. We know from experience that teenage girls love the flowery lotus-inspired design and it makes a great talking point with their friends. We love it for outdoor picnics too. It's so vibrant and cool!

It comes in another beautiful colourway! Have a peek at both colours here

floor mats for kids - go fish

4. Go Fish

'Go Fish' is but one of the previous popular designs. The best thing about Recycled Mats is that the dedicated graphic designer and local artists are developing new and exciting mat designs all the time! Recycled plastic mats make for the perfect party floor. No need to worry about spills, or stains – these kids mats are made from UV-treated recycled plastic (Polypropolene) and are easily cleaned with a soft hose down or a gentle broom. Children just love to take these on picnics and to the beach, and they're obviously soft enough to take a nap on! How cute!

For all recycled plastic mat designs check out the website and browse to your hearts content!

floor mats for kids - mandala

Floor Mats for Babies and Kids of all Ages

These recycled, soft play mats are manufactured in China. The Recycled Mats team chose China because of their cutting edge textile technologies, and the maker’s ability to fabricate a large volume of kids mats without compromising on quality or standard. They now use a family-owned factory that is renowned for their ability to stick to the schedule and ship in a timely fashion, meaning they can get their mats to us sooner!

It’s also comforting to know that these recycled mats and infant play mats are made in factories that are free of child labour. It’s just another check and balance that Recycled Mats are proud of in their quest to provide an ethical, sustainable product for families.

Best of all, these floor mats are the perfect solution for that time when babies start to move and crawl around indoors or out.

Placing a recycled plastic woven mat on the floor is a great way to help them explore while staying relatively clean, safe and happy to move about, and these plastic woven mats are easy to wipe down when the little one has a dribble.

They are super popular in daycare and educational settings, helping to section play areas, craft stations and reading corners!

Older kids love them too. They are also the perfect floor covering for craft activities to catch potential spills, and rainy day fun. These floor mats for kids are also 100% recycled from used plastic.

floor mats for kids - green and white

Infant Play Mat Time

At Recycled Mats, we want to ensure that everyone, from the mat artist, to factory staff and ultimately, the customer, is happy with the kids mats. We love them for both indoor and outdoor use, and we hope you will love them too!