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9 October 2017 

Reasons why we manufacture offshore at Recycled Mats

Reasons why we manufacture offshore at Recycled Mats

We create ethical, recycled mats – so why do we manufacture in China? 

Our recycled mats are designed by Australian Indigenous, New Zealand Maori and Pacific Islands artists. We are committed to using authentic designs that reflect community stories and values. We are committed to the use of recycled materials, which is important for the planet and we will only ever use premises that are certified for safe work practices and child free labour. With these strong values as part of our mission to create ethical mats, we are sometimes asked why we manufacture our products overseas?


Keeping our ethical mats affordable, without compromising quality

There are several reasons why manufacturing our recycled mats in China makes sense.

1. Better Expansion and Diversification Opportunities

We build friendly, mutually-beneficial relationships with the Chinese factories that make our recycled mats, ensuring they adhere to our stipulated guidelines on ethical labour practises and efficient production that doesn’t compromise on attention to detail. These relationships allow us to expand our brand to International markets while promoting diversity by working along different cultures.

2. Greater Speed and Efficiency

China is our choice for manufacturing our plastic mats range because their experience producing large volumes of products ensures we can meet customer demand in a timely fashion. China-based factories create products for the worldwide economy. They have scaled their assembling abilities well past what was ever trusted conceivable. When we outsource from China, we’re working with tried and true processing plants that have been delivering quality items in comparative enterprises for a considerable length of time, and in enormous supply.

3. Cutting Edge Factory Technologies

China is the world’s manufacturing hub, which puts them at the cutting edge when it comes to textile design and manufacturing technologies.
They have impressive assembly plantations that can recycle many types of materials, including the soft plastics (Polypropylene) used in our recycled plastic mats range. These recycling stations are not widely available in Australia. So in our efforts to help fight the war on waste, we outsource from China - A country that has imported incredibly vast amounts of scrap plastic for repurpose.

4. Affordability

Access to affordable raw materials in China helps bring down manufacturing costs to a considerable extent. The reserve funds we save by offshore manufacturing are passed on to the local artists through renumeration packages for those that design our Aboriginal & TSI, Maori & South Pacific mats as well as their communities through donations of mats each year to a variety of support agencies nationwide.

Affordable pricing also means our products won’t break the budget of schools, daycare centres and other businesses who choose our recycled mats to help them celebrate cultural diversity, which is crucial to our mission. 


Our beautiful and unique recycled mats will always remain ethical.


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