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1 October 2018 

Check out our Indoor and Outdoor Rug Collection by Recycled Mats

Check out our Indoor and Outdoor Rug Collection by Recycled Mats

Style Your Patio & Living Spaces

If you are looking to warm up a patio or verandah area with a cosy outdoor rug, or are perhaps searching for a new rug for an indoor space, it's worth taking a look at our newest range of rugs on Recycled Mats.

New to Australia, these rugs are our most exciting product yet. Every single rug has been made by hand (or in some cases, by hand and simple machine) in a small community in Panipat, India. The artisans weave and sew plaited ropes together (eg Chindi-style) or stitch fabric onto giant looms for the larger rectangle and runner style rugs.

Tonnes of different indoor and outdoor rug styles to choose from!

It's true. Recycled Mats currently stocks a wide range of indoor and outdoor rug styles, each with their own pattern, motif or design. These indoor outdoor rugs are made from a variety of materials including cotton, wool, jute, recycled clothing fabric, and denim. The range is ever expanding too. Rug design choices are only limited by what the craftspeople can come up with!

Indoor and outdoor rug - Chindi

Colourful choices for Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Chindi Rugs are popular choices for those who adore colour, for families with young kids, and in childcare and preschool settings. They are among the best sellers at Recycled Mats and we know why. They now come in runners, circular shapes, and rectangle rugs too. Check latest prices on your favourite here.

Indoor and outdoor rug - Chindi trellis

New Geometric Rug Range - Combinations of Colour and Funky Style

Alternatively, the Chindi Diamond range (not shown here) amongst many of the others are the grown-up version of rainbow rugs for the floor! Check latest prices here.

indoor and outdoor rug - chindi trellis multicoloured

Loom Rugs in Denim

Our styles of rugs vary from season to season, so there are always exciting new designs to behold! Take a sneak peek at one of our beautiful Chindi Denim rugs here.

indoor and outdoor rug - chindi denim

Why choose jute for an indoor or outdoor rug?

Recycled Mats now sell a range of Jute Rugs too. Jute is such a wonderful material for rugs - it grows more easily than cotton, with less resources outlaid. It's sturdy, and is most often made into burlap and hessian because of it's powerful capabilities and strength. Best of all, it's hard-wearing with little to no visible damage despite heavy use.

indoor and outdoor rug - jute white diamond

If you are looking for a rug, you should consider a jute rug as an indoor or outdoor rug alternative. Jute rugs are not just for hippies anymore - in this world where everyone is encouraged to care for our planet, making the choice to buy a jute rug is a sustainable buying purchase and one to be proud of. The fact they are handmade rugs makes it even better.

indoor and outdoor rug - chindi hot pot rug

Jute Rugs - The perfect indoor or outdoor rug choice

Here's just a sample of the Jute rugs on offer at Recycled Mats. There's:

  • braided rugs and woven rugs
  • circular rugs and rectangular rugs
  • nursery rugs and kids rugs
  • a simple chevron rug (the largest in the range)
  • more than one deco rug - funky eye-catching styles for the fashion forward
  • modern rugs including nautical-inspired patterns

Buy rugs online and save a small fortune!

To view the full range of Jute Rugs, visit Recycled Mats online store.