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How to fold a square plastic recycled mat

Step by Step Photographic Tutorial: How to fold a SQUARE mat

Step by Step Photographic Tutorial: How to fold a SQUARE or RECTANGLE mat

Folding our square and rectangle mats is the easiest of all. See below for details.

Step One: Our square and rectangle mats have one visible centre spine.

Step Two: Fold the mat inwards, keeping the spine on the outside. You can tell which way the spine is by looking at the way the mat naturally falls.

Step Three: The fold action is like closing a hardcover book. Just like a book, if you fold the book cover the wrong way, it doesn't feel right, and looks odd too.

Step Four: Once you've made the first major fold, pick up the mat from the  middle point of the mat length, as pictured above.

Step Five: Lift the mat and stand up, so that the mat folds in half along the length.

Step Six: You can now see two other minor fold lines, suggesting the mat can be folded into thirds.

Step Seven: Take hold of the mat on one side, fold it in thirds, then in thirds again.

Step Eight: This is the mat folded in third layers.

Step Nine: A close up of this final step.

Step Ten: Now, you can transport your mat to and from the beach, or picnics, with ease. Simply pop it under your arm and go.