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16 May 2018 

Fab Rugs for Winter Styling and Hibernation!

Fab Rugs for Winter Styling and Hibernation!

Winter is the time to turn inward and focus on family, friends, and your own personal health and wellbeing. It's the time when we catch up on much-needed sleep, furnish our homes with fab rugs, throws, cushions and pillows, and indulge in warming stews, casseroles, curries, and hot dishes we can't stomach in the hot summer months.


Winter is glorious!

Unless you are cold. Then it is miserable. Good quality floor coverings, adequate window coverings, a source of heat, hot water bottles, and a big fluffy dressing gown make for an enjoyable winter. But to be honest, we think the choice of flooring in winter is paramount. If your home has wooden floorboards, slate, polished concrete, or floating floors, you'll know just what we mean. Bring a colourful rug to the party, quick smart. It's the simplest way to warm up your home and nourish your soul too. 


Fab rugs- Rainbow chindis


Our two favourite rugs in our indoor rug store

A chindi rug is the best kind of soft, enchanting floor rug. Walking or laying on it can be a dream - it's like being on a cloud! They are definitely not traditional rugs though - much more fun than that!  These fab rugs in bright rainbow colours make us want to shut the door and never leave again.


Chindi rugs - the sustainable rugs you've been waiting for!

At Recycled Mats, we stock chindi rugs in a variety of sizes.

Be warned. Your new chindi rug might be snaffled by the kids. Don't be surprised to find it missing from the lounge room one early morning!


Chindi rugs in denim


Denim rugs

The second style is a more grown-up version - it's a combination of denim and cotton. These elegant rugs are definitely for the adults. These living room rugs will be a talking piece, as they are made from recycled denim from manufacturing offcuts by hand. They are also a great rug to keep your toes warm.

Want to purchase one or more of these fab rugs from Recycled Mats? View our current denim designs and much more, within our entire indoor rug range here.


Would you love to learn more about how our plaited chindi jute rugs are crafted by hand? Read our interesting blog post here