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Why Manufacture Recycled Mats Offshore? Questions Answered.

Ethical & transparent manufacturing processes

We Create Ethical, Recycled Mats – So Why Do We Manufacture In China? 

Our recycled mats are designed by Australian Indigenous, New Zealand Maori and Pacific Islands artists. We are committed to using authentic designs that reflect community stories and values. We are also committed to the use of recycled materials, which is important for the planet. With these strong values as part of our mission to create ethical mats, we are sometimes asked why we manufacture our products overseas?

Keeping our ethical mats affordable, without compromising quality

There are several reasons why manufacturing our recycled mats in China makes sense.

1. Better quality control

Manufacturing in China is a huge, competitive industry, which means we – as clients – can demand the highest standards of quality in the creation of our products. We build friendly, mutually-beneficial relationships with the Chinese factories that make our recycled mats, ensuring they adhere to our stipulated guidelines on ethical labour practices and efficient production that doesn’t compromise on attention to detail. 

2. Greater speed and efficiency

China is our choice for manufacturing our plastic mats range because their experience producing large volumes of products ensures we can meet customer demand in a timely fashion. Some of the world’s biggest brands use Chinese factories for manufacturing, which means that large orders, strict deadlines, fast turnaround and priority shipping come as standard. Even our most complex orders can be produced on schedule at a consistent quality, which means we provide a better service to our clients.

3. Cutting edge textile technologies

China is the world’s manufacturing hub, which puts them at the cutting edge when it comes to textile and design technologies. Why ‘reinvent the wheel’ or try to purchase extremely expensive printing tools if we can pay the experts, who already use this equipment every day, to bring our local designs to life? We would rather ensure more of our profits stay local, allowing us to offer employment and fair payment to our artists and be able to donate mats to a variety of support services.

4. Cost benefits

We won’t deny it – it is cheaper to manufacture in China than Australia. But rest assured that we do not support ‘cheap and nasty’ manufacturing. We pay a higher than average rate for our production to ensure we use good factories that make high quality products.

We also only use premises that are certified for safe work practices and child free labour. We couldn’t sleep at night if we knew children were making our popular childcare mats! In fact, there are many countries where it would be even cheaper to produce our mats, but we could not guarantee the same ethical standards so we will never use them. 

Once again, the savings we make from offshore manufacturing are passed on to the local artists through renumeration packages who design our PolynesianMaori and Aboriginal mats, as well as their communities through donations of mats each year to a variety of support agencies nationwide.

Affordable pricing also means our products won’t break the budget of schools, daycare centres and other businesses who choose our recycled mats to help them celebrate cultural diversity, which is crucial to our mission. 

Rest assured that our beautiful, unique recycled mats are also ethical mats. Browse our range of superior quality indoor / outdoor mats and order online today.

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