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We love to hear your thoughts about your shopping experience with Recycled Mats, so we can adapt our customer experience as necessary to ensure it is excellent and flawless. Your customer reviews of Recycled Mats also help us to ensure our catalogue, and the merchandise we currently stock, is on point. Your feedback guides us to offer and develop the products and services that you personally want and need. With your patronage, our team at Recycled Mats can continue the work that we do, helping our planet, one plastic bag at a time. We thank you!

Amazing Mats

Sent In By: on 12 October 2018
This has to be the best mat on the the market. Not only in quality and durabilty it is also a completly sustainable product. We have enjoyed our mat out and about and have loved every minute with it. Amazing product! Hats off to Recyled Mats. We cant wait for our next one.

Fantastic mats and great service

Sent In By: on 12 October 2018
Absolutely gorgeous mats - fantastic designs and great quality! Highly recommend this company - so helpful and friendly! At the moment we have several mats both inside and outside our centre! I also bought one ages ago for our caravan too and it’s still looks brand new!

Love these mats!

Sent In By: on 3 October 2018
We bought 4 mats to use as part of our wedding ceremony which added a great vibe to our day. We have since gifted 3 to friends and family and the fourth we use when we go camping to put outside our tent. Our daughter uses hers in the classroom, my friend has hers on her back patio and the other is used for land council meetings. They are so practical, easy to clean and help the environment by getting rid of plastic bags. What a great company to deal with, thank you so much!

Biladurang Platypus & Water Dreaming

on 27 September 2018
Purchased 2x recycled mats as gifts and they are fantastic. Quick and trouble transaction with combined post as well as tracking. First time purchase and i will definately do more shopping. thanks! Beth

Can’t get enough!

Sent In By: on 13 September 2018
We have over a dozen different types of mats rugs. We have been using them for years for our supported Playgroup’s and our events. Ordering is so easy and we have never had anything but quick and efficient delivery . The quality is outstanding. We love Them! Our families love them as well, giving them a good workout !

Amazing product - just GORGEOUS!

Sent In By: on 8 September 2018
I have two recycled mats - a colourful Chindi and the Pom Pom one :) they are so gorgeous and light up my classroom! They are fantastic quality and I love the colours of them. I love that they’re made from recycled materials too.

Incredibly beautiful Mats from the most thoughtful

Sent In By: on 7 September 2018
JJ and Recycled Mats are so thoughtful and respectful of others in every aspect of their business from sourcing designs and materials to building authentic and meaningful relationships with their suppliers and clients. For who you are and everything you do for others a huge thank you. A big thank you from the children at Pelican Waters Golden Beach Kindergarten. Love the work you do for inclusion.

Outdoor Yoga

Sent In By: on 7 September 2018
Our beautiful mat lives in the back of our car .... and goes with the children and I to the soccer, the park, camping, the beach, picnics and festivals, pretty much on a weekly basis! It's lightweight and very practical, (I even use it for my outdoor yoga practice when camping, or as a ground cover at outdoor yoga events). We get a lot of positive comments from people when we're out and about with our recycled mat. Can't imagine our life without it, to be honest!

We love our Recycled Mats!

Sent In By: on 6 September 2018
I have had the priviliage of knowing JJ for many many years and have been a loyal customer of hers during this time. We always buy our mats for our early childhood centres from her. The service is prompt (we even get door to door delivery by JJ herself sometimes!) and the quality of the products speak for themselves. The mats are durable, able to be cleaned and suit the rigours of our settings. Our staff even purchase them for their own personal use when camping or venturing out into the outdoors. I would highly recommend JJ and her team.

We love our Recycled Mats!

Sent In By: on 30 August 2018
Thank you JJ and Team for your awesome Recycled Mats. We have two - the Ancestral Connectedness one sits outside in our patio area and has made the world of difference to our relaxation space. It looks gorgeous! The other one is Go Fish - I love that I no longer have a car boot full of grass. The wash and go ability is the best. They are so comfy for picnics and keeping the sand off at the beach. I can't live without them now. Your team was super helpful too. Thank you! Amber

Still loving our mats

Sent In By: on 30 August 2018
We purchased a couple of large mats for outdoor use at home - to define our outdoor dining and sitting spaces in a courtyard and they have been wonderful. They look good, are fading a little but with dignity and grace as befits their beauty, and are easy to care for. Our visitors love them and so do we. Thanks.

Country Day

Sent In By: on 28 August 2018
Thank you for our wonderful Reconciliation Mats ready for our Connecting on Country Day with four small schools in the Hawkesbury area of NSW. We love using these mats along with the other mats we have from your company.

Kindness & Patience

Sent In By: on 27 August 2018
With our sons immune being really low, means outdoor play can be hard. But your huge 3m mat that we have allows him to crawl around in the sunshine. I am so grateful for your kindness and patience over the past couple of months, Thank you x

Thank you

Sent In By: on 21 August 2018
We really appreciate your help and kindness. Thank you!

Great service

Sent In By: on 15 August 2018
JJ and the team love what they do, it shows when dealing with them.

Great Teaching Tool

Sent In By: on 10 August 2018
Thank you for your follow up. I did get the mat...??. LOVE it. I use it at school with classes I work with to introduce students and teachers to using Yarnin Circle to support learning. Its a great teaching/learning tool. Every- body loves the Mat!!

Order more please

Sent In By: on 1 June 2018
And yes I love the mats they are amazing I want to order more

Every day use

Sent In By: on 16 April 2018
It's the end of our first term and I just wanted to tell you how much we LOVE our mats. We have used them every single day since our school opened. Every. Day. We take them on our weekly excursions, we use them daily to create outdoor classrooms for lessons, and we move them wherever the shade goes. They are practical, robust, beautiful, and easy to keep clean. Thank you! We couldn't do without them!!

Amazing service

Sent In By: on 27 March 2018
That's amazing. Very happy with your service

Excellent customer service

Sent In By: on 13 February 2018
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service we received from your company with our recent order placed. The mats arrived very quickly and we were very happy with them and have recommended your service to all our services across QLD.

Porch Love

Sent In By: on 12 February 2018
G'day I wish to thank you for my new mat. I love it and it sits perfectly on my back porch. It arrived today, safe and sound. I'd send a picture if I knew how. My front and back porch now look awesome because of your fabulous artists!!!

Pod Chairs

Sent In By: on 22 January 2018
I just wanted to say thanks for the two Pod Chairs so far. Others in the workplace are very excited having them in the office for a short time before they go out to the kids and services.

Pumpkin & Spud

Sent In By: on 23 December 2017
Thank you for our beautiful mat! Our two dogs, Pumpkin and Spud love posing on it.

Traditional arts

Sent In By: on 19 December 2017
I love what your doing, recycled plastic bags tick along with supporting the traditional arts etc. I'm going to let everyone know of this hidden gem.

Office Love

Sent In By: on 16 November 2017
Pleasure doing business with you. My office loves it.